Julie StatueJulie’s experience, confidence and knowledge shines through in her work as a public speaker and nutrition educator.  Whether she is lecturing to a group of new moms or to a group of physicians and nurses, Julie shares her passion for the importance of good nutrition in a personable and approachable way.

Julie speaks to groups, both large and small, and is able create motivating wellness-based presentations that call to action the listeners.  In a workplace setting, wellness presentations improve morale and increase productivity.  In a social setting, wellness presentations generate camaraderie and increase participation.

Julie’s public speaking ranges from counseling teens in a dance troupe to speaking on behalf of the Coca Cola Corporation, KIND Bars, Mead Johnson, Applegate Farms, Azteca Foods, and the National Fishery Institute.  Julie speaks regularly at the University of Michigan, the Sports Club of West Bloomfield and in private venues throughout Metro Detroit.

(updated August 2015)

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