Eating Healthy, Living Healthy and Being Healthy: a kid’s perspective

Being Healthy, Eating Healthy and Living Healthy

BY: Emily Feldman



You know, over 50% of the people on earth struggle with health problems? Not only diseases, but being overweight, being too skinny, and just not knowing what to eat.  Let’s decrease that percentage… together.  I myself experience problems with choosing healthy foods all of the time.  It is not fun when you don’t know what to eat and when to eat it.  Here are strategies that I have found to be very successful.

  1. Make a meal plan.  Every week you should follow your meal plan.  Make sure your meal plan includes fruits and vegetables every day.
  2. Assign special days and times.  Every week assign two or three days and times. On those days and times that you will assign you will devote that time to exercising. Whether it’s running on the treadmill or walking in place, anything that gets you up and active counts.

I hope these strategies work out for people that are trying to lose weight and don’t know what to eat and when to eat it. Now here are some strategies that can help you if you are too skinny.

  1. Talk it out. Have a meeting with mom or dad or both and talk about your problem. Maybe you’re not too skinny hear their opinion, see what they think. You could end up being the perfect size for you!
  2. Balance yourself. Of course you would never want to stuff yourself with food. That is not helpful nor healthy.  Find a balanced diet.  Don’t eat too much or too little and be sure to eat healthy. Don’t let eating healthy trick you to think that it will make you too skinny.

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