High Cholesterol Is Not Sexy

There is nothing exotic or romantic about cholesterol; a waxy, fat-based substance that defines our cardiovascular health risk profile. Then why is it, that it is the topic of dinner conversations and long walks on the beach?  I think it is because of the idea that cholesterol is something we can impact or change.  As a dietitian, there is no greater thrill than to see the results of my clients hard work be revealed in the lowering of their cholesterol.  By focusing on four main areas of your diet you can put the “les” back in cholesterol and improve your complete health profile. [Read more…]

Eating Healthy, Living Healthy and Being Healthy: a kid’s perspective

Being Healthy, Eating Healthy and Living Healthy

BY: Emily Feldman



You know, over 50% of the people on earth struggle with health problems? Not only diseases, but being overweight, being too skinny, and just not knowing what to eat.  Let’s decrease that percentage… together.  I myself experience problems with choosing healthy foods all of the time.  It is not fun when you don’t know what to eat and when to eat it.  Here are strategies that I have found to be very successful. [Read more…]

Visualizing Weight Loss Success

Visualizing your goals and the path needed to get there is an important and real step toward changing your life.  In order to do this, you have to not only identify your key goals, but also identify the main reasons why you have not achieved them in the past.  Success is achieved in this arena when our emotional connection to our defeated self begins to take on less value that our emotional connection to our successful self.  Keeping a close eye on your goals, and the negative environment that prevents you from reaching them will eventually allow you to reach an “A-Ha” moment where the value of a specific food or exercise habit is no longer what it seemed to be. [Read more…]

Funambulism and the Childhood Diet

Funambulism and the Childhood Diet; Wobbling along the high wire between healthy food choices and a healthy body image.

As seen in The Red Thread Magazine, November 2011

By Julie Feldman

As parents, we walk a tightrope every day striving to raise happy, healthy well-adjusted children. We teach them to be friendly, but not to talk to strangers. We encourage them to make friends, but not to fi t in at any cost, and we cheer their interests — as long as they fi t into the budget and carpool schedule. When it comes to feeding our children, similar issues present themselves that make proper nutrition somewhat of a conundrum. We want them to be healthy and maintain a normal weight, but not to develop an eating disorder. In my practice, I constantly hear the same vocabulary used to describe kids’ palates: “He’s so picky.” “She’s a sugar addict.” “He won’t eat that.” At some point, this narrative begins to defi ne our kids. When they hear over and over again that “they’re a sugar-bug,” they begin to believe it. In order to nurture our children and rewrite their internal narrative, a tightrope must be carefully walked to ensure two main outcomes: [Read more…]

American diabetes month, prevention and treatment

Nutrition Notes

November is American Diabetes Month sponsored by  the American Diabetes Association.  Most of us know someone who has diabetes, and if we don’t know someone now, chances are that we will over the course of the next decade as the number of patients developing Type 2 Diabetes continues to rise.  Type 2 Diabetes is treatable and preventable with lifestyle modifications including creating a healthy diet. [Read more…]


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