Since 2000, Julie Feldman has been providing nutrition counseling to adults throughout southeastern Michigan.  As a dietetics student at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health and as a staff dietitian at Providence Hospital, Julie gained an unparalleled level of hands-on nutrition experience.  Now in private practice, Julie is able to share this information with adults dealing with a variety of medical and nutritional issues.

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires a change in your regular nutrition plan, or you hope to reach and maintain a healthy weight, Julie is able to help you meet your needs.  Through her own path to health, Julie has mastered the concepts that allow adults and children alike to approach balanced nutrition with a positive and empowered approach.  Julie provides real life nutrition guidelines and ideas including recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists but is keenly aware that long term success is based deeply on our own self-esteem and coping skills than anything else.  Julie understands that while most adults “know” what it means to follow a balanced diet, they don’t always put that knowledge to work.  Julie’s goal is to help her clients uncover the reasons why they have not been successful in the past when it comes to weight.  She aims to help her clients “re-write” their story when it and create a new path that has them reaching goals they never thought possible.

(updated August 2015)