What do I do?

Julie Feldman, MPH, RD is a nationally recognized nutrition expert who has helped hundreds of Michiganders live a healthier life.  With her realistic approach to weight loss and well being, Julie  passionately motivates her audiences to positively change their lives.
Julie has been featured numerous times on FOX 2 News and ABC News in Detroit,
comments nationally on behalf of the Coca Cola Corporation, serves as a consultant to Hershey Corporation, and was the media representative for the Michigan Dietetic
Association for several years. Julie is currently the resident dietitian at The Sports Club of West Bloomfield and at several medical practices throughout Michigan.

She serves as a national speaker for the Mead Johnson Corporation, where she educates physicians, nurses and fellow dietitians on the benefits of advanced infant formula.  Julie also enjoys her role as Nutrition Coach to several local student athletic teams. As a spokesperson, author, speaker, and counselor, Julie provides nutritional expertise to a wide range of clients on such topics as:

  • Family nutritional planning
  • Obesity in children, teens & adults
  • Vegetarian diets
  • Athlete diets
  • Picky eaters
  • Pre and post natal nutrition for infants & moms
  • Food allergies
  • GI issues including Crohns and IBS
  • Diabetes, Hypertension & Heart Disease
  • Eating disorders